Sharper Poodles and Doodles in San Francisco, California


Guardian Family Information

Having guardian Families allows the breeder to place the breeding dog, usually a puppy into their permanent loving forever home. We do not believe that dogs/puppies should be placed in a kennel type environment and wish to give them the best life possible. We have to 2 or 3 house dogs at our home and once they are retired they remain with us for the rest of their lives. Guardian families allow our small breeding program to continue. Goldendoodle Labradoodle Puppies in San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento

Guardian homes act as fosters until the terms of the agreement are met. Once terms are met, full ownership is transferred to the guardian

As the guardian, you could receive a pet puppy from the last litter in lieu of financial benefits if you choose, per agreement

Females typically are done with having puppies after three litters (per terms of agreement) Once terms of agreement are met we will spay or neuter the dog and transfer full ownership to guardian.

Female dogs will come and live with us starting about a week before puppies are due and will stay with us until puppies are weaned at about 6 weeks of age. We allow visits with the guardian family at our home.

Males are easy, I usually will borrow the stud Muffin for a couple of hours once or twice for each breeding. I have a small program , so wont need to borrow too much. Boys usually have finished all heath testing by 12 months old and will begin working between 12-16 months of age.

Guardians must live within 25 mile radius of San Luis Obispo . Guardians must own their own home and have a secured fenced back yard. Guardians must immediately notify me when female goes into heat (once every 6-8 months) Guardians will sometimes need to participate in getting dog to and from breeding appointments . You are responsible for routine vet care, (we pay for all breeding related expenses) Must Ensure puppy is well socialized and attend puppy obedience class. You must keep your dog in a typical doodle cut (short is fine)

We always do a trial weekend to see if we are good fit. I have wonderful guardian families and each and everyone of them would be happy to share their experience with any potential guardian Family.


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